An intimate portrait of Maria Sharapova
behind the scenes with TAG Heuer

Tennis great Maria Sharapova shared a candid moment with her longtime sponsor TAG Heuer on the eve of an exhilarating run to the Women’s finals of the French Open, answering intimate questions about her life and career in a specially conceived card game. The short film reveals a different aspect of the four-time Grand Slam superstar than what we see on the tennis court. Thoughtful, funny, sure of herself but modest and reflective, she demonstrates remarkable poise as she flips over cards concealing questions such as “What’s the funniest—or most embarrassing—thing that has happened to you in public?” and “What’s the hardest thing about being you?” and immediately answers, without the slightest hesitation. It’s an astonishing portrait, especially when you consider the pressure Maria is under at the time the film was shot. She is so at ease, you would hardly think she’s in the middle of one of the most intensely fought sports competitions on the planet. Beautiful and glamorous, yes, but also a true champion.