The first-ever TAG Heuer photo shoot with its newest Ambassador, Cristiano Ronaldo, in Madrid, was a relaxed affair: an easy-going encounter between a man (who happens to be a living legend) and five of the world’s most prestigious luxury chronographs.

TAG Heuer Ronaldo

In these exclusive “Making Of” excerpts we see Ronaldo high-five with his adorable young son, some of his amazing wardrobe and a lot of his billion-dollar smile.

TAG Heuer - Cristiano Ronaldo and his son

Cristiano Ronaldo


We also see the two-time Ballon d’Or winner faced with a difficult dilemma—which of the five breathtaking TAG Heuer creations should he choose for the photo shoot? He tries on one, nods approvingly and says, “This is my favourite… it is the most beautiful.” Then, instantly, his eye spots another potential favourite in the display case—“and this one,” he says—reaching out for it, unable to resist.

Cristiano Ronaldo choosing his TAG Heuer


His eyes flicker from one to the other.

“I prefer these two,” he says finally, unable to decide between them.

Now it’s your turn to try.

Watch the video closely: can you name the watch Ronaldo ultimately picked to wear in the shoot?


Cristiano Ronaldo and his son